5 Best Websites, Blogs for Bank Exam Preparation

I have collected a list of my favorite websites where one can find good and fresh material for bank exam preparation. These websites are really putting in a lot of effort. Some of them are operated by individuals, and some by professional teams. The good thing is that the owners have themselves been through these exams so they are capable of providing good guidance and also filtering the content that is absolutely required. The list given below is arranged in a random order because all the websites are equally good in my views.

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There is a mass sweep in India in favor of bank jobs. These have become the most sought after career among the mediocre students. In the most simple terms it just requires a small effort for aptitude, reasoning, general knowledge, etc., and a student is through. Some posts like those of clerk level do not require a candidate to pass an interview. Passing the main exam is sufficient!

Website 1: Bankers Daily

The website is Top Rankers - http://banking.toprankers.com/. I have heard that most of the content on their website is free, and many students have found it useful too. A possible nuisance is that they require you to login. Sometimes it is very embarrassing. But from the looks of their website they appear serious. A link at the bottom of their home page claims 8.3K likes on Google+, which could be an indicator of their popularity among students.

The website also makes available a daily quiz on GK and Current Affairs in Hindi, which could be useful for students and aspirants from the Hindi belt.

Website 2: Bank PO ORG

The website is Bank PO ORG - http://bank-po.org/. This site also seems to be free. It is being updated regularly. The best part is that it specializes only for the bank exams. It contains adequate information on current affairs, general knowledge, vacancies and jobs, and also useful articles on cut-off marks, syllabi, question paper analysis and even interview preparation.

Website 3: Gradestack Gradeup and AffairsCloud

The website is Gradestack - http://gradestack.com/blogs/ https://gradeup.co/. This website is backed by a huge team of content writers, and is almost the number 1 website today. The most attractive part is a very simple layout, less clutter, and very few interfering advertisements. Information is easy to find. This website is not just about bank exams, it caters to a much wider audience. So the wider approach does have the limitations of focus.
Another website with a similar strength is AffairsCloud, you can have a look here - https://www.affairscloud.com/
Aug 28, 2017: The links to gradeup have been updated as requested by the Gradeup team.

Website 4: All India Exams

The website is http://www.allindiaexams.in/. This website is probably being run by engineers, so it has a lot of content that contains programming material. Now they have added aptitude and reasoning stuff also, which could be of use to those preparing for bank exams. The opening home page is very well designed, so when you dig into the website you are likely to be filled with amazement over the depth of articles and content they have hosted.

Website 5: Tamil Cube Bankers Daily

The link is http://bankersdaily.in. This website seems to be doing well recently. It is being updated regularly also. New questions are appearing on this site, and that too classified by type. It seems good for prepare-as-you-go type of students. This site has now replaced Tamil Cube in my list.

Which one do you Like?

Please let me know if you know of other useful websites. I would be happy to include them too.

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