Previous years solved math aptitude papers of SSC CGL exam

Shortcut solutions to the previous papers of the SSC CGL exam. Only aptitude math section is solved.

Last Reviewed and Updated on February 7, 2020

Shortcut solutions to questions asked in the SSC CGL exams of the recent previous years. The most optimal solutions have been given.

  1. SSC CGL June 2018 Solved Paper

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Question 12 SSC-CGL 2018 June 4 Shift 1

The radius of a circle with O center is 10 cm, PQ and PR are the chords of 12 cm. PO cuts the chord QR at point S. What is the length of OS?

Question 11 SSC-CGL 2018 June 4 Shift 1

After giving two successive discounts each of x% on the marked price of an item, total discount is Rs. 259.20. If the face value of the object is Rs. 720, what will be the value of x?

Question 9 SSC-CGL 2018 June 4 Shift 1

The ratio of efficiencies of A, B and C is 2: 5: 3. On working together, all three of them can complete work in 27 days. In how many days will both B and C together complete the 4/9th part of that work?

Question 6 SSC-CGL 2018 June 4 Shift 1

Someone sold an item at a loss of 15%. If he sold it for Rs 30.60 more then he would get 9% profit. In order to get 10% profit, he has to sell the item in what amount?

Question 5 SSC-CGL 2018 June 4 Shift 1

A truck covers a distance of 384 km at a certain speed. If the speed is reduced by 16 km / h, it will take two hours more to cover the same distance. What is the 75% of the original speed (in km / h)?

Question 1 SSC-CGL 2018 June 4 Shift 1

In a triangle ABC, the points F and E respectively on AB and AC sides are such that FE || BC and FE divide the triangle into two parts with equal area. If AD ⊥ BC and AD intersect FE at point G, then GD: AG =?

Question 2 SSC-CGL 2018 June 4 Shift 1

The average of twelve numbers is 42. The last five numbers have an average of 40 and the first four numbers have an average of 44. The sixth number is 6 less than the fifth number and 5 less than the seventh number. What will be the average of the 5th and 7th numbers?