Sitting Arrangements Quiz Set 01

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Question 1

Four women A, B, C and D and their husbands E, F, G and H are sitting around a circular dining table facing each other.

  1. No two females or two males are sitting side by side.
  2. C is sitting between G and E. Also, C is facing D.
  3. F is sitting between D and A and is facing G.
  4. H is to the right of B.

Who is sitting to the left of A?









Ans: b

The seating is like this clockwise: G-C-E-A-F-D-H-B.

It is clear that F is sitting to the left of A.

Question 2

Five friends A, B, C, D and E are sitting on a bench.

  1. A is sitting next to B.
  2. C is sitting next to D.
  3. D is not Sitting with E.
  4. E is on the left end of the bench.
  5. C is on second position from right.
  6. A is on the right side of B and to the right side of E.
  7. A and C are sitting together.

What is the position of D?


Extreme left.


Extreme right.


Third from left.


Second from left.

Ans: b

Positions left to right are: E-B-A-C-D.

D is sitting at the extreme right of the bench.

Question 3

Five persons are standing in a queue. P and B are at the extreme ends. A is standing ahead of S. X is behind B. S is between P and A.

If A and the B exchange their positions, and also the X and the S, then who will be standing behind S?









Ans: b

From last to first: P-S-A-X-B.

B will be behind S if A and B, X and S exchange their positions.

Question 4

Eleven students A, B, C, D, E, F, G ,H, I, J and K are sitting in a row of the class facing the teacher.

  1. D, who is to the immediate left of F, is second to the right of C.
  2. A, is second to the right of E, who is at one of the ends.
  3. J is the immediate neighbor of A and B and third to the left of G.
  4. H is to the immediate left of D and third to the right of I.

If E and D, C and B, A and H and K and F interchange their position, which of the following pair of students is sitting at the end?


D and E.


E and F.


D and K.


K and F.

Ans: c

Original Positions from left to right are: E-K-A-J-B-I-G-C-H-D-F.

After interchange: D-F-H-J-C-I-G-B-A-E-K.

D and K will be sitting at the two ends if the positions as given in the question are interchanged.

Question 5

Six alphabets A, B, K, D, E and P are arranged in a row. B is between D and P. A does not stand next to either P or D. K does not stand next to D. E stands between A and K.

P stands between.


B and K.


E and A.


D and B.


A and K.

Ans: a

The letters are arranged from left to right: A-E-K-P-B-D.

P stands between B and K.

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