Sitting Arrangements Quiz Set 05

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Question 1

Four women A, B, C and D and their husbands E, F, G and H are sitting around a circular dining table facing each other.

  1. No two females or two males are sitting side by side.
  2. C is sitting between G and E. Also, C is facing D.
  3. F is sitting between D and A and is facing G.
  4. H is to the right of B.

Who are immediate neighbors of B?


G and H.


E and F.


E and H.


F and H.

Ans: a

The seating is like this clockwise: G-C-E-A-F-D-H-B.

G and H are immediate neighbors of B.

Question 2

Read these facts carefully.

  1. A, B ,C, D, E, F, G and H are sitting in a row facing North.
  2. A is fourth to the right of E.
  3. H is fourth to the left of D.
  4. C and F, which are not at the ends, are neighbors of B and E, respectively.
  5. H is next to the left of A and A is the neighbor of B.

Which of the following statements is not true?


G is the neighbor of H and F.


B is next to the right of A.


E is at left end.


D is next to the right of B.

Ans: d

Statement D is wrong because C is next to the right of B.

Question 3

A, B, C, D, E and F are arranged in two rows of 3 each.

  1. B and C are in the second row.
  2. A is in the first row.
  3. E and F are in opposite rows, but they are not opposite to each other.
  4. C and D are opposite to each other.
  5. E is not at an end.
  6. F and A are same side but F is to the right side of A.

Who is at the last point in the second row?









Ans: b
They sit like this left to right:

Question 4

Eleven students A, B, C, D, E, F, G ,H, I, J and K are sitting in a row of the class facing the teacher.

  1. D, who is to the immediate left of F, is second to the right of C.
  2. A, is second to the right of E, who is at one of the ends.
  3. J is the immediate neighbor of A and B and third to the left of G.
  4. H is to the immediate left of D and third to the right of I.

Which of the following group of friends is sitting to the right of G?









Ans: c

Positions from left to right are: E-K-A-J-B-I-G-C-H-D-F.

CHDF are sitting to the right of G.

Question 5

Six papers A, B, C, D, E and F are to be conducted on five consecutive days.

  1. There are two papers between C and D and one paper between A and C.
  2. There is one paper between F and E and E is to be conducted before F.
  3. B is to be conducted before A, but not necessarily immediately before.
  4. B is not the first paper.

Which day is paper B planned?









Ans: b

The sequence from first to last is: D-B-E-C-F-A.

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