Sitting Arrangements Quiz Set 21

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Question 1

Read these facts carefully.

  1. Eight persons E, F, G, H, I, J, K and L are seated around a square table - two on each side.
  2. There are three lady members and they are not seated next to each other.
  3. J is between L and F.
  4. G is between I and F.
  5. H, a lady member, is second to the left of J.
  6. F, a male member, is seated opposite to E, a lady member.
  7. There is a lady member between F and I.

How many persons are seated between K and F ?









Ans: c

There are three persons seated between K and F.

Question 2

Ten army cadets A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H ,I and J are standing in a queue.

  1. B and F are not either of the start or end.
  2. G is behind D, but not necessarily immediately behind him, and H is ahead of J.
  3. There are four persons between E and A.
  4. I is ahead of B and F is before D.
  5. J is in between A and D and G is in between E and F.
  6. There are two persons between H and C.

Who is at the seventh place counting from the last?








Either H or C.

Ans: d

Last to first like this: E - G - F - D - J - A - (H or C) - B - I - (H or C)

The exact position of H and C is not known. However, they will occupy either seventh or tenth position from the left end.

Question 3

Eight things A, B, C, D, E, F, G and H are arranged in a row.

  1. D is between B and G and F is between A and H.
  2. E is second to the right of A.

Which of the following is C's position?


Between E and F.


Between G and E.


Second to the left of B.


Between A and E.

Ans: d

They are arranged left to right like this: F-A-C-E-G-D-B-H.

Question 4

Read these facts carefully.

  1. A, B ,C, D, E, F, G and H are sitting in a row facing North.
  2. A is fourth to the right of E.
  3. H is fourth to the left of D.
  4. C and F, which are not at the ends, are neighbors of B and E, respectively.
  5. H is next to the left of A and A is the neighbor of B.

Who are sitting at the ends?

E and C
F and D
G and B
D and E
Ans: d

D and E are at the two extreme ends.

Question 5

Seven boys A, B, C, D, E, F and G are standing in a line such that -

  1. G is between A and E.
  2. F and A have one boy between them.
  3. E and C have two boys between them.
  4. D is to the immediate right of F.
  5. C and B have three boys between them.

C is standing between which pair.


A and F.


D and G.


A and D.


F and G.

Ans: a

Positions from left to right are: B-E-G-A-C-F-D.

So C is standing between A and F.

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