C Program to demonstrate looping without loops

This program demonstrates how to write a loop without any of the loop constructs. Of course, many programmers would call it a bad programming practice. Nevertheless, it is a nice program that can help us develop skills by writing a program differently.

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Posted by Parveen(Hoven),
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C Program to demonstrate looping without loops

Ask the user to enter an int number. If he enters, 5, your program should print five stars. If he enters 2, your program should print 2 stars. Do not use any loops.

This program is a real candidate for a for loop. A statement label has been used only for demonstration purposes.

int main()

    cout << "How many stars?: ";

    int i;

    cin >> i;

    int counter = 0;

    cout << "* ";


    if (counter < i)

        goto lblX;


    return 0;


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