Apply online for IBPS Bank Exam

Frequently asked questions about the how and where about applying online for the IBPS bank exam. You will also find a checklist of the important things to be kept in mind as well as the important precautions that must be taken during online registration.

Last Reviewed and Updated on February 7, 2020
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If you are looking for the procedure for online registration and application for the IBPS Bank Exam, then you are at the right place. I will explain various un-answered questions to you. Here are some of the frequently asked questions. But before you proceed further I would like to tell you that about 1½ crore candidates are handled by the IBPS through its online registration process. This means that their system is already overloaded and there is very little scope for any mistakes on your part. A machine is after all a machine, so the responsibility for care lies at your end only. Please go through this information carefully.

Where should I Apply Online for the IBPS Bank Exam?

There is one and only one place where you can apply online for the IBPS Exam - the official website of the IBPS. Sometimes many websites claim that they are showing the link for online registration. You should be careful about them because they are misleading. The sole purpose is to collect your email address and flood you with exam preparation institutes.

Why is Online Application Link not Always Available?

The registration link is available only during the period when the registrations for the bank exam are open which makes sense. Whenever the IBPS issues an advertisement for an online exam, it always indicates the dates during which the registrations will be accepted. So it is only during that time period that the links for online registration are visible and available on the website.

So it is advised that you should regularly visit the website of IBPS or regularly read national newspapers for the advertisement. From there you will come to know about the dates. The registration links will be available only during the start and end dates. A candidate should apply much before the closing date to be on the safer side.

What Precautions are to be taken for Online Application?

Please take care about these points. If you upload wrong information in a haste you will not be allowed to make any corrections at a later date. You will lose the money paid towards registration.

  • First and foremost check that you have entered your email and phone correctly.
  • Please ensure that you upload your recent photo, and also your signature. You should have the scanned images ready with you when you make your registration.
  • When your registration is successful please take a printout of the registration form. It will be a proof that you were successfully registered. You will have some document with you.
  • For the same reasons please take a printout of the e-receipt for the online payment made by you.
  • Please also ensure that your date of birth, reservation category, name, gender, percentage of marks, address is also correct before you hit the final submit button.

What should I do after Online Registration?

After you have made the online registration, check that you have received the confirmatory SMS and email from the IBPS website. You should also take all the necessary printouts for the registration form and the e-receipt for the payment you make towards the registration charges.

Can I Reprint my Registration form after Online Registration?

Yes, you can reprint the registration form after the online registration. This might be required if you forgot to take a printout earlier, or if you had a problem with your printer, or perhaps, you lost your earlier printout.

What other Methods for Registration are Available?

The online registration is the only means for registration for the IBPS Bank Exams. There is no other place, no other method for doing it. Please remember that online registration can be done only on the official website of the IBPS.


I have given this information on the basis of my limited knowledge. Although I have taken a lot of care in presenting it correctly, but new rules, regulations and changes keep taking place. The older information becomes outdated. So please take this information as a general purpose information only. You should ultimately rely only on the official website of IBPS.

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