Software Products

This is a collection of software products that can be used to increase your productivity.

Last Reviewed and Updated on February 7, 2020

This is a collection of software products that can be used to increase your productivity.

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KB Article on Video Copy Protection Software

This KB article describes the various method by which videos can be protected against un-authorized copying and viewing. It begins by enumerating the various options available to you, and explains the relative merits and demerits of each option, especially with context to the internet connectivity in Asian countries. It also explains the bottlenecks that could be hit by a project that aims at a video streaming solution. Finally, this article ends with an explanation of Hoven's video copy protection solution.

One Way Instant Messaging Software

This is a low priced one way messaging software that can be used to send one way messages absolutely free of charge. The software works in the same way as our common messaging software like Whatsapp, except that the messages are delivered one way. The subscribers can read the messages, but not reply to them. No two subscribers ever come to know about each other. The messages are routed securely and reliably through and by the Google servers. The messages are NOT routed through telecom companies, and hence no costly and un-reliable SMS packs have to be purchased. Write to us: SALES.HOVEN@GMAIL.COM or Whatsapp, or Call Now! +91-9988011975. We are selling this software. Buy NOW!

PDF File Copy Protection

This is a $20 PDF protection software. End users will be able to view the PDF pages, but not able to save them, neither able to print them, and nor able to share them with others. Each user will need a license bound to his PC. You can specify the number of times that file can be viewed. You can also specify the number of days for which that PDF can be viewed. With a single click you can pack your existing PDF notes, question banks, solutions into copy protected PDF files. Buy Now! Write to us: SALES.HOVEN@GMAIL.COM or Whatsapp to 9988011975, or Call Now! +91-9988011975.

WinPlay Video Protection Software

DRM video protection and licensing software for UNLIMITED use on UNLIMITED number of computers. Generate UNLIMITED number of licenses and sell to UNLIMITED number of your users. Just one time full and final payment of $150 (INR Rs. 9000). No AMC. No hidden charges. No advance payment. Final payment only AFTER satisfaction. Fully functional trial for 30+ days(lavishly extendible). Protect your videos against screen capture and prevent the user from transfering it to others. No internet required. Android, PDF and Windows players all available within the same price. Binding to one machine. Foolproof and time tested mechanism to detect bad and cheating users. Video Player will have the name of your choice. Your company/institute name will appear on the player. Read below for more detail. Write to us: SALES.HOVEN@GMAIL.COM or Whatsapp to 9988011975, or Call Now! +91-9988011975.

Video Protection Software

Software to protect your videos against un-authorized copying and distribution. This is a Digital Rights Management(DRM) protection software that encrypts your videos so that others cannot steal it and distribute among their friends. Most suitable for coaching institutes and those into the video distribution business. This is a low cost software. It works by encrypting your videos, thus preventing them from un-authorized viewing and distribution. It can be a powerful tool against anti piracy and for screen capture protection.

EMail Harvester

This page describes the features, screenshots, installation, downloads, supported operating systems for the email harvesting software.

Generate GUID Online Free

Generate a guid globally unique identifier free

Online SpellCheck Utility

Paste some text to check the spellings. You get instant suggestions by right clicking the error.