IBPS Pre Examination Training (Frequently Asked Questions)

Here are the answers to the frequently asked questions about the pre examination training for the IBPS Exams for PO/MT, Clerical, SO, RRBs. You will find answers about your eligibility and the training centers where it is conducted.

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IBPS Pre Examination Training is arranged by the banks which want to fill vacancies through the IBPS Exam. Such banks and organizations are called participating banks and organizations.

Why Pre Examination Training?

This training is a type of orientation session where the candidates are told about the type of questions they should expect. They are also made aware about the common mistakes that various candidates have done in the past. The candidates are given tips on how to do time management during the exam, and about the best practices while solving an objective type of test. These trainings are conducted by the banks through the services of empanelled training institutes and expert professional trainers. The intention behind such trainings is primarily to help those candidates who could not afford to attend private coaching institutes. The whole objective is to provide a level playing field so that really good candidates do not rejected merely because they were not aware of basic tricks and strategies used for cracking these exams.

If you look at the syllabus of the IBPS Exams they have a paper called "Reasoning". This is the only word mentioned in the advertisement. There is no explanation about this word, and nor is any further mention about what type of questions are asked in "Reasoning". Why? Because this is such a common thing that its meaning is implied. A candidate is "expected" to know it. And, the IBPS advertisement assumes that everybody knows it, because nowadays every aspirant either takes coaching from some institute or has an easy access to a local well-equipped library where he can go and read the relevant books. The reality, however, is very different. There are candidates coming from weaker sections and tribal areas who are very intelligent otherwise, but they have no access to these basic sources of information. You will understand my point if you see that the sub topics in the reasoning tests are same since the past 50 years, and possibly earlier dating to the British times. Which are these topics? Cubes and Dice, Direction Sense Tests, Blood Relations, etc., If a candidate has a good practice of these topics beforehand, through mock tests, then he is, no doubt, in a better position to crack the exam and score well past the cutoff.

The pre examination training is aimed at bridging this gap. Its purpose is to tell the candidates about the various sub topics, and also about some common shortcuts to solve problems of each type.

Who is Eligible for Pre Examination Training?

This training is not for everyone. If that were so, then everybody, and even those from the well-off and well-aware sections of the society would join it and create an un-manageable rush. Personal attention to the really needy won't be possible. In order to take care about these issues, and to ensure that the real purpose is served, the government has restricted the pre examination training only to the candidates of the reserved categories as well as candidates of the minority communities. As per the advertisements of the IBPS the following only are eligible -

  1. Scheduled Caste Category.
  2. Scheduled Tribe Category.
  3. Minority Communities.

But I think physically disabled candidates are also allowed to participate in this training. So, if you happen to have a disability, and if you happen to be from the OBC categories, then please do check with the IBPS customer care. I think they could be eligible.

How to Apply?

You have to apply for the pre examination training at the time of online registration. If you are eligible for participating in this training then you will see an option there. Make sure that you avail of this facility because you will come to know many useful things. Moreover, if you have any doubt or question about the recruitment process then you can get it clarified through the staff present there.

What is the Venue and the Training Centers?

The pre examination training is held at a select list of centers. It is usually held in the city where your examination center is located. But there is no commitment from the IBPS about the final location. It reserves the right to cancel a location, and add more locations as per the need of the hour. The tentative list of the cities is usually mentioned in the advertisement itself. But you will also see it at the time of registration when you opt for this training. The government is serious about this training so it tries to organize it at as many centers as it can. You are most likely to find it closer to your place of residence.

What are the Expenses for the Pre Exam Training?

The training is provided free of cost. No TA/DA is paid to the participants. All other charges like travelling, boarding, lodging have to be borne by the candidates themselves.

What is the Time Schedule?

It is usually conducted for five days just before the start of the Preliminary Exam. The exact dates should be obtained from the IBPS website or the official information that they provide to you through EMail or SMSes.

DISCLAIMER: I have compiled this write-up only for sake of general information. Even though every care has been taken to make it accurate but I take no responsibility for the accuracy and correctness of the information and interpretation of the IBPS communications. Please refer the official website of IBPS for the latest and actual information because they are the sole authenticated source of all information.

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