Sitting Arrangements Quiz Set 06

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Question 1

A, B, C, D, E, F and G are sitting around a circular table.

  1. F is 2nd to the right of G.
  2. E, the neighbor of C, is 4th to the right of G.
  3. D is between E and A.
  4. B is the neighbor of F but not of E.

Who are the neighbors of F?


E and C.


F and B.


A and B.


C and B.

Ans: d

The seating arrangement in clockwise direction is: G-B-F-C-E-D-A.

C and B are the neighbors of F.

Question 2

Read these facts carefully.

  1. A, B ,C, D, E, F, G and H are sitting in a row facing North.
  2. A is fourth to the right of E.
  3. H is fourth to the left of D.
  4. C and F, which are not at the ends, are neighbors of B and E, respectively.
  5. H is next to the left of A and A is the neighbor of B.

What is the position of F?


Next to the right of E.


Next to the right of G.


Sixth to the right of D.


Between G and H.

Ans: a

It is clear from the above order that F is next to the right of E.

Question 3

Seven letters are arranged in a line as follows:

  1. E and F have one letter between them.
  2. G is to the right of A.
  3. B is to the immediate left of F.
  4. There is one letter between D and A.
  5. D is not the neighbor of G.
  6. G and F have two letters between them.

Which pair of letters is on the either side of the letter B?


A and C.


G and E.


E and F.


C and A.

Ans: c

Letters from the left to right are: D-C-A-G-E-B-F, so E and F are on the sides of B.

Question 4

Seven students are singing a group song and standing in a line on the stage as follows:

  1. D is to the right of C.
  2. F is standing adjacent to G.
  3. B is to the left of F.
  4. E is to the left of A.
  5. C and B have one person between them.
  6. A and D have one person between them.

Who is on the extreme right?









Ans: c

Positions from left to right are: E-A-C-D-B-F-G.

Singer G is to the extreme right of the line.

Question 5

  1. Six plants, P, Q, R, S, T and U, in two rows of three each are facing north and south.
  2. Q is north facing, but not next to S.
  3. S and U are diagonally opposite.
  4. R next to U, is south facing and T is north facing.

Which plants other than S and U are diagonally opposite each other?









Ans: b

They are planted like this:


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